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In his interview, Bradley spoke about how his daily routine has led to higher productivity and success. He shared that each morning, he goes for a walk and listens to a motivational talk. He also explained how keeping and maintaining a visualization board has helped keep him focused.

Walking and listening to motivational talks in the morning has had a positive impact on me.  I get up and have a routine of walking for 20 to 35 minutes every morning and listening to forward thinking motivation has tremendously changed my path and my ability to accomplish and visualize different levels of management that I was looking to take.  

 In Bradley’s opinion, the following courses should be on the list of every golfing enthusiast regardless of their skill set or love for the sport.

When you ask someone about their line of work and they reply that they’re a consultant, your first reaction might be a blank face. That’s because being a consultant covers a lot of grounds and the term is shrouded in mystery.

Bradley DiNunzio, recruiting expert and entrepreneur based in Orlando, Florida, is a proud father. Reflecting on his life as a parent, Brad recalls how overwhelming it was at times to raise children.

Bradley DiNunzio has trained and mentored over 20,000 Kirby representatives in over 50 countries and has worked alongside Regional Vice Presidents & Divisional Supervisors worldwide since 1996.

How is Technology Changing Direct Selling? Bradley DiNunzio Explains

A former veteran employee of Kirby, Bradley DiNunzio of Orlando, Florida, discusses how technology is changing the way businesses and individuals sell directly to consumers.